WristPC is the best gadget

When you go into a fashion store to buy some fashionable clothes and you start thinking “hum…let’s add some fashion accessories to this gorgeous street style look. Let’s see…a pair of shoes or sneakers? An extra large bag? A necklace? Earrings? A computer? What, a computer?!”
Yeah, a super small mobile computer! It’s called WristPC.
When you go into a clothing store, you are expected to buy apparel, clothes, accessories like shoes, belts, wristwatches and bijoux. But in the future you will be able to buy your computer in a fashion store. Why? Because you wear it! How? On a wristband! Can you imagine having your micro version PC always attached to your wrist? Easy as wearing a bracelet, but better, much better!

WristPC is the best gadget to wear, is a concept that combines all computer functions, and the greatest thing is: you will be able to remain always connected to the web, no matter where you are.