You just need a cotton tee, maybe at Giant or Tesco supermarkets , some fabric paint, and maybe some freezer paper.

If you’ve never used fabric paint, you must! It’s good fun and inexpensive.

Take freezer paper. which can be found in stationary shops , but you could also just beg your butcher for a piece if you just want a little bit for a single project.


Print out the design you want onto printer paper: letters, a picture…whatever you desire.

Trace that image onto your freezer paper and cut it out with an exacto knife. This is your stencil.

Iron your stencil onto your shirt with a DRY iron (no steam) set on a cotton/high setting.

fabric paint-6660

Slide some paper or cardboard inside the shirt, to prevent paint from bleeding to the back.

Then paint.

I use a textile medium with acrylic paint so that I can use whatever colors I want. Just mix two parts paint with one part textile medium.

fabric paint-6664

Tip: Be sure that the brush is DRY. If it is damp with water in anyway, it will cause the paint to bleed through your freezer paper stencil.

Let the paint dry. I like to let it dry overnight. You can also speed things up with a hair dryer. Then peel away and ooh and ah at your handiwork.

Oh and…Don’t forget to heat set the paint when you’re done. A few presses from a dry iron should do it.

The fabric paint will feel stiff for the first few washes, but after a while it will soften right up.